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  1. he Sony that is not the Answer that i wont and i dont want to know how you make a Skin ! only want a template with a Weathereffectlayer not Tips
  2. i need F4 templates (only WeatherEffects in .psd or .psp ) but cant find anything :(
  3. need some Help ! what i need is 1. a Model of an ECMpod AN/ALQ 119 - Details >> here << 2. a modified Missile (AIM 120 AMRAAM) with Skin and WeaponData.ini - Details >> here << 3. a modified Missile (AIM 9L Sidewinder) WeaponData.ini - Details >> here << this Stuff i need to complied the GermanAirForce Package in deutsch: ich hab keinen Plan vom Modden also wär ich euch dankbar wenn ich hier ein paar fähige Leute finde die mir bei meinem Projekt weiter helfen könnten in diesem Sinne "Horrido"

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