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  1. Vista. Where is this knowledge base? I can't find it in the site search..
  2. Hey, I recently updated my computer, graphics card, everything..I gave an NVIDA 9800 GT, and I followed the directions for high detail water on an earlier thread (water = 4), but...there's no change. What's going on?
  3. Well, I installed all the updates, and it STILL tells me that file is not found. x.x And when I moved the file from my original IL-2 installion to PF, and double click the icon, nothing happens at all.
  4. I was using standalone, and I completely forgot about the patch! Gonna give that a shot.
  5. Well, my PC recently had to be recovered from problems with a power outage (complete start from scratch). But, there's a problem. I installed PF, and every time I start it, I get a message: This application has failed to start becuse rts.dll was not found. Re-installing may fix the problem. Well, I've re-installed five times, same problem! What do I do, if anything, to fix this?
  6. I've been seeing a lot of pictures on these forums showing water in PF that has high-detail waves, shine and shimmer effects, things like that. I can't find an option to enable that anywhere, and yet, I have a fairly decent graphics card and machine. How does one enable this?
  7. Hey, I'm wondering if it may be possible for someone to create skins to represent the F6F owned by the Lone Star Flight Musuem? I've been looking all over for it, but can't find anything like it. References: F6F
  8. Bunker Busting

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