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  1. Hello ruggbutt, thanks for the quick reply I followed your procedure but still no joy. I did try this previously but I didn’t use driver cleaner in safe mode. I now know how to remove and install new drivers properly (thanks ruggbutt). What I did do was to open up the NVIDIA control panel and changed a couple of settings. I changed Antialiasing - Mode to “OVERRIDE ANY APPLICATION SETTING” Antialiasing - Setting to “2x”. All seems to be working fine for now (apart from the shadows) but I can live without that. The clouds look GREAT now, they are so much better Thanks Again Stephen GSX
  2. Hello. I have the same problem, I have tried different settings configurations with no luck. Hope someone can help. My Pc Spec Windows XP 32bit SP3 AMD Athlon 64 FX-62 Dual core 3GB Ram Geforce 8800GTS 640MB (updated to driver nvidia 175.16) with no luck Onboard Realtek HD audio DirectX 9.0c In game settings Textures High Scenes High Terr Prld 100Km Civ Traff Yes Water Very High Haze Advanced Lights All Visib Ring High Effects High Heat Blur On Shadows None (when i select "all" the plane goes grey, other setting do nothing). I noticed a lot of people have this problem Colour 32bit Resolution 1280x1024 Hope someone can help Thanks Stephen.

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