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  1. hi there

    Might you be interested in me giving you a list of interesting space sim titles for you to check out? Shall I do so here or elsewhere? If so, can you please indicate? regards.
  2. hi there

    Heh, of course! Better still, this MOD benefits from the FRED editor: newbies will be able to do just about any campaign they please. One such campaign features the landreich and mirrors the false colours novel. My turn: Might you have heard of the renegade legion? Also might you be able to give me advice in finding a big number of votes so we can have one more space sim (project sylpheed PC)? best regards.
  3. hi there

    Hi there, my best regards to all! I'm starlord, die hard space sim collector, and I would be glad to share my knowledge of space sim titles (both old and new) with you all. I'm also quite connected with the space sim world (or what's left of it) so I'll be able to give you a few leads on swhich projects are currently being worked upon or need support. I also am undertaking projects with help of course, such as a renegade legion MOD for freespace 2 and a project sylpheed for PC petition that I'm showing regularly to game arts for them to make a port of that X360 game to PC (I'm in need of votes, by the way). Should there be a question, please ask! Best regards. mike. P.S: moderator, can I post my link to the petition please? In case a few wish to vote?

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