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  1. thank you Dagger but should put these files somewhere in lockon ????? (which place)
  2. Hi in the su-39 flyable model there is a rar file (*.rar). How can i install these please???
  3. [ths files of su39 flyable are *.rar, where should i put these files???
  4. i installed su 39 flyable with loman but it doesnt work
  5. Thank's a lot Thomas
  6. Thank you THomas I downloadedit frombiohazcentral it's a SU-39 Flyable Mod.zip, but ths site is under maintenance its impossible to give you the link Adlane
  7. Hi, i downloaded the new su-39 skin and cockpit, but wher should i put them to work correctly thanks Adlane

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