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  1. Is there a Show Map on Viewport checkbox anywhere in the diffuse/spec maps?
  2. Meshes arent supposed to show up with textures on the default settings. I havent touched 3dsmax in years but there are settings for each viewport that allow you to change this.
  3. Ugh, i swear it didnt show up on my search results. But yeah, this was exactly what i was looking for, missiles are getting through those pesky flares now! Obviously need to tweak them to a value not to make CM totally useless.
  4. Thanks for the help, makes sense. Are you talking about "CounterCountermeasure=100.000000"? I tested a mission now and i hit 0 targets with both the r-73 and r-27, the AIMs are hitting though. Ill try to get an AIM on a flanker and test it if its the missile or the airplane at fault.
  5. Hello there, im having a little problem with a campaign im trying to make. Its basically an edited WoE campaign with new aircraft. Anyway, the problem im having is that missiles hit maybe one in 20 shots. This was mostly tested with R-73 archers, but the problem was universal. I noticed however that against older aircraft i would have 100% hitrate, on things like Phantoms. It turns out they dont have decoy dispensers so i removed those from f-18s and such and my hitrate went to almost 100% again. So unless theres something deceiving me the source of my problems are the chaff and flares. Is there any way to make them less effective so that aircraft must at least maneuver instead of shooting one flare and the missile going the other way? Or do you guys have any suggestions for making good modern missile combat? Ive been thinking of maybe lowering the missile accuracy so you would have to be really close for them to hit, or increasing lock time. (Dont really care about realism)

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