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  1. A little premature- I can now extract files from the ObjectData file but I can't find the 'groundobjectdata.ini" file which I have read is what I need to edit in order to add ground objects... Any ideas? Thanks and sorry Max
  2. Problem solved- as soon as I moved the install out of the Program Files it worked. Thanks to everyone who helped and sorry again for such basic questions! Max
  3. Thanks Dave but still no luck. My 'Objects' folder contains the following: A folder called 'Aircraft' , then a list of .DLL Files, followed by 'ObjectData' which is classed as 'Security Catalogue'. 'ObjectData' is the only file I can open with SFP1E so I assume that is the one I should be opening... Once I have 'extracted' the relevant file from 'ObjectData' the message displayed states: ' Extracted to C:\Program Files\Wings Over Vietnam\Objects' When I then explore my C drive and open the Objects folder within Wings Over Vietnam I am presented with the same list of files as described at the top of this post; nothing has changed. The only program I can use to open 'ObjectData' is SFP1E so if the etxtracted file is in here, as I think you are describing, I cannot access it to edit it. Catch 22 and all that! My mistakes are probably horribly clear to you and rather frustrating to read about but if there is any more advice you have I would love to hear it. Thanks for your time. Max
  4. Hi, I have searched through the forum and followed the advice written on how to use SFP1E Extract yet when I use it I cannot find the extracted files. I open SFP1E, select the relevant file, select 'extract' and instantly a message appears telling me that the relevant file has been extracted to my Objects folder. I then go to this folder but it contains exactly the same number of files as before and my recently 'extracted' file is not present. I am using Vista... is this the cause of my problems? Is there anyway to resolve my dilema? I am sorry for asking a question which must have been asked numerous times before. I look forward to reply when someone has a spare moment. Max
  5. Hi, I am sure that this problem has been raised and answered before but having trailed through the forum I cannot find an answer which works for me. 1) The problem I have is that I am trying to replace carriers in downloaded missions with downloaded carriers. I have worked out how to replace aircraft with downloaded aircraft but have come unstuck with the carriers. I repeatedly see the instruction 'add to GroundObject folder' in the readme section of the downloaded carrier folder, for example Hinchinbrooke's HMS Invicible, yet I cannot find this folder within my 'Objects' folder; there is a file titled 'GroundObject' but I cannot open it. I have looked through the notes in the Intermediate Modding section of the forum and by following the steps described I have so far managed to change the assigned name of the carrier in the mission to HMS Invicible,but the carrier itself remains 100% CVA-63 in appearence! 2) I suspect there is a strong link with what I am doing wrong and my use of the SP1 Extractor. When I open this application and try to extract 'CVA-63' parts of 'ObjectsData' as instructed in the Intermediate Modding section post, it instantaneously displays a message saying it has been extracted to C:\Program Files\Wings Over Vietnam\Objects\ yet I cannot then find it there. I would be very grateful for some advice from someone far more knowledgeable than me; my mind is not too clued up when it comes to computers. Sorry for raising the issue again. Max
  6. 1)I've been trying to add various add-ons to Wings over Vietnam with very minor success. The main problem is that many of the files in the WOV folder are in .dll format, not in the .ini format as described in many of the add-on 'read-me' files. How do I get around the problem of being unable to read the .dll files? I have a fairly basic knowledge of using add-ons etc so the answer to my question is probably very simple to others... just not to me!! 2) What context do the add-ons appear, for example new aircraft and ships?, is multiplay, campaign, single mission etc?? Thanks for any help. I'm getting very frustrated. Oscar

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