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  1. Falcon 4.0 allied force

    THX, for the help !!! Unfortunately i wont be able to use that information becouse my computer broke down and i have to buy a new one :cray:
  2. Hotas cougar

    Thanks lot for the help. I will buy it as soon i've got the money to buy it (my computer crashed and i have to buy a new one)
  3. Falcon 4.0 allied force

    hello, i got Falcon 4.0 a week ago and I have been playing it since then. I have done all traing missions and I have also flown a litlle bit of dogfight. Now I wanted to start with the campaign mode but I thoght that it was very difficult becouse i had difficulties to find out if the fighter (and ground artillery) where allies or enemies. My question is, did I miss something in the training or is it very difficult. If it is difficult it would be nice if someone could help me with tips or send a link to a guide witch explains how i can recognize the enemies. Thanks in advance //Sandpatch
  4. Hotas cougar

    Hello, I am intrested in buying the thrustmaster HOTAS cougar joystick and throttle set. Before buying it I just wanted to know if anywone has bought it / had problems with it. It would be great if someone could help me. //Sandpatch

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