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  1. In order to get the DS model, do I need to download all 3 parts of the mod, and if not - which one do I need in order to extract the model?
  2. Cool, thanks for the tips :) What about the CG issue (see few posts above), could this solve the problem?
  3. So I cannot use the DS F15I model for WOI?
  4. I See that the DS campaign is for WOE and not WOI, will it work?
  5. Thanks! One more thing. I see that one of the differences between the SG model's .data file and the F15I model's .data file is that in the SG there's the following line: CGPosition=0.00,1.00,0.00 while in the 'I' the same line looks like this: CGPosition=0.00,0.00,0.00 could this change in the plane's center of gravity cause this problem with the angle of attack?
  6. I fly at normal, but still the angle of attack is huge for normal cruise speed. Where can I get the DS model, is there a link? Thanks.
  7. Will it be possible fubar512's response? I believe he made the flight model. Also, if I take the F15I's skin, and put it on the DS model, will it work?
  8. Hi, I find that the F15I V1.5 is very hard to fly. At speeds of 300-400 knots the angle of attack is still very high i.e. the angle between the 'bird' and the nose marker (the w) is big, and gets bigger at slower speeds, making it impossible to land at speeds under 200 knots at which the bird is deep in the 'ground' and the aircraft is sinking like crazy. In the original F-15A Baz model, use can land easily at 150kts, and at speeds of 300-400 knots, the bird and the nose marker are already aligned. Is the anyone that can offer a fix? Thansk.

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