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  1. How do i load colours onto stock planes on lock on? I mean useing the colours from COMBAT ACE for F15 and A10. FC1, 1.12b DxDiag.txt
  2. Where do the LOMAC Singleplayer Missions and LOMAC Campaigns goto when they are download to the 1.12 FC1 game? Will they show up in the campaigns section of the game? Where do they go so i can run them safely. gravecad. DxDiag.txt
  3. lock on gold

    I am using modman on the lockon gold a10 stock from the main menu. I have no idea about SIMMOD A-10. The SIMMOD A-10, also, turns the A-10 white. So far, all that i can get from Modman is white A10, but the modman works the start screen menu changes great. I will try the drivers. Really i have had no joy from Modman only errors mainly such as the white A10. What version of Lock on is ok with Modman?
  4. lock on gold

    I have xp 2gig ram 3.0ghz processor 500gb harddrive nividia geforce 8600GS graphics card.
  5. I am running xp with Lock on Gold. The computer is working with everthing else ok but the a10 in the game just is not working right. Its a white colour ever time i play it. I have installed the game completely three times and its still white! How do you fix this. I think there is a fault in there some where. Should i get new copy of lock on gold?
  6. Please could you tell me why nothing happens when I try to put skins, cocpits textures and about anything else into the lockon planes on the main menu? It works when i use campaign and mission editor, but nothing happens when i use the ModMan (any version), just nothing happens. DxDiag.txt
  7. i have solved it, just delete all files.
  8. Hi, what do you put in the addon manager and addon maker to place skins on planes? DxDiag.txt DxDiag.txt
  9. Hi. When I try to put any of the skins onto planes, F-15 or A-10, with Lock on Gold & xp, the best I can get is yellow lines on or a white plane, F-15 or A-10 for example. How do you put skins on planes using ModMan 7 Or Modman 5? Computer is working ok. DxDiag.txt
  10. Hi. How do you open up the CDDS File Path in ModMan. My version will not allow you to type text in. How do you get around this? DxDiag.txt
  11. Hi. Please could you give me instructions or info on how to use Modman 5. Lock on Gold & xp. DxDiag.txt
  12. The A10 in my lock on flaming cliffs game is coloured white. How do you get it back to its original colour. I have tried skins but i havent had much success with it. DxDiag.txt

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