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  1. New here and wondering what next?

    so, ive discovered a lot of the planes do very strange things when used with the April patch... it kinda seems i may have to do 2 installs of FE. one vanilla and one with extra toppings :yes: thanks everyone for the advice.
  2. New here and wondering what next?

    installed guitarclassic55's menu replacement screens. :yes: http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?autoc...p;showfile=6685 very nice. they are nicely done and help set the mood for the game. hesitant to install things that will alter the game and crash if incompatible with the april patch... suggestions?
  3. New to Combat Ace and just recently bought First Eagles. Pretty nice flight sim. I've been looking around here on the forums and the sticky about where to get started is a year old and doesn't really cover some essential things like the April 2008 patch (which i've read good and bad things about). So, that all leaves me wondering, "What next?" Should i add any mods? Do i need any mods? What about graphics add-ons? Missions? Campaigns? And which if any are compatible with the patch and which are not? Anyway, Hello to all and thanks in advance for any assistance!

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