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  1. Virtual SkyBlazers

    Lock On, with flaming cliffs, and the 1.12A or B patch
  2. Virtual SkyBlazers

    Okay, we need a flight surgeon that knows what their doing in formation: Must be 13 or older (we make exceptions) Must know the ins and outs of formation Must learn the routine (incase they have to fill-in) Must be able to show up at (almost every) practice Must be dedicated, AND CANNOT QUIT!!!! MUST BE ABLE TO FLY WITHIN 80FT OF OTHER PILOTS!!! If you want this, then reply ASAP, this position will probably be picked at (its on MANY forums) and you may also reply with questions, (I'll try to get back to you ASAP)
  3. Hello, im the mod maker for the Virtual Blue Diamonds, and I was going to do something special, I was going to make an F-16 cockpit, And I was also going to make a C-130 cockpit, now one question, how in the world am I supposed to do that... are there any tools, or tutorials, cause I cant find any... to anyone, please help!!!

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