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  1. Help please ......!

    Awesome chaps!! The link to the vista fix indeed did work! MAny thnaks for that! I have a list of DL to get to mod the game and spice up the graphics. I run it at 1920x1600 full res and looks lovely! Many thanks again my friends! Kia Ora from New Zealand!
  2. Help please ......!

    Thanks so much - indeed i am running Vistax64. Will report back with any results! Cheers! Doug
  3. Hi folks - new chap here! I have installed the game, the expansion pack and the update in that order. After flying however, when i press the 'ESC' button to end the mission i go straight to the desktop and the game has been terminated! Its like im pressing Alt-Q all the time. I have set the keystrokes to default but still no joy! Any idea on how this could be remedied? Its such a good game don't want to get irritated with not being able to save campaigns etc! Cheers Doug

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