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  1. 58th Wildcards, 366TFW,12TFS Squad-mates

    IL-2 and LOMAC are the busiest lobbies. There are a ton of squads running around there too, I haven't looked to join any and just fly from time to time. The pilots these days in HL don't seem to have the same sense of camraderie that the old Janes sites had. It's just a bunch of whining and complaining most times.
  2. 58th Wildcards, 366TFW,12TFS Squad-mates

    yep, BH showed me the ACM ropes too when I first got started. He was a great pilot indeed. When we first started flying, he had left the the 58th and was in VCW. My old JOGC/JCN callsign was Gringa.
  3. 58th Wildcards, 366TFW,12TFS Squad-mates

    I may still have BountyHuntR-58th and Dagger from the 366th on my icq list, don't know if they still use their old accounts though.

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