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  1. It is the stock F-8E and the stock carriers. The collision point is on the angle on landing roll. None of the other aircraft do this, just the Crusader. It's like the nose falls through the deck after you trap a wire. Then it explodes. Just kinda of frustrating after you complete a mission to end it by exploding on the deck.
  2. I already have the patch installed. It only happens with the F-8 so far. All other aircraft seem to be OK.
  3. Thanks soooo much for the reply, it is the stock F-8 that shipped with WOV. I was trying a campaign with the assigned aircraft. I will check the ini files. I do have the patch installed for it also.
  4. OK, for an update. Just for giggles and grins tried the F-4 and A-6 and got them both on the deck without a problem, but for some reason the f-8 after it traps and starts to slow down the nose goes through the deck and then the aircraft explodes. Any ideas?
  5. Hello all, need help landing on the boat. I get the f-8 on the deck and it starts to slow down like a trapped a wire but right before it comes to a complete stop it explodes. Anybody else having problems? I appreciate any help.

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