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  1. Which airstrips have ILS? Which airstrips are USA/coalition? TonyM
  2. Can anyone explain why the weapons panel is the opposite way to the actual position of the weapons on the A10. i.e. the ECM is actually on the left wing, but is shown on the right wing on the cockpit panel. TonyM
  3. Can anyone tell me how to change the waypoint to the next or any other number. The key as per the book ~ doesn't work on my set up. Thanks in anticipation. Tonym
  4. Hi All Can anyone point me to a comprehensive description of how to build a mission from scratch.I must be very thick cos I have tried to follow the instructions in the Lock On manual but can't get anywhere. Help much appreciated!! TonyM
  5. bouncy landings

    Hi All Followed all the landing advice and can get the bird down, but every time bounce once before settling down. I have the aoa just right and let the fpm drift to the far end of the runway, but still bounce. Any advice on greasing a non bouncer gratefully received. tonym
  6. steering after landing

    Hi Thanks for the hint, it works a treat, I can now steer after landing, much to the relief of air traffic! What is the entry supposed to be doing to the aircraft? Is it unlocking the steering? According to the buttons in setup it should be ICP-Com1. Thanks again. Regards Tony M
  7. steering after landing

    Hi Guys I am a newby to the latest Falcon4, although used to fly it in the early days. After landings which appear to be OK, the nosewheel steering doesn't seem to work any more and I can't get off the runway. Am I doing something wrong? Help please!! Tonym

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