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  1. Is it possible to delete a pilot without the TW April patch?
  2. FM Update

    It's clear now. Thanks for the quick reply.
  3. FM Update

    Here I am bothering you again, peter. In the "Unpatched_FMs_and_Campaigns" readme for FE you say we should download the P10ppy's Spad XII. Later you say "Copy Spad7_180 folder, rename to..... SPAD_XII". I'm confused... Should I keep the P10ppy fm or use the spad7_180 folder renamed to Spad XII?
  4. FM Update

    Hello, peter. First thanks for your great work on the fms. It's a wonderful gameplay improvement. I just have a small doubt about the installation of one of the fm. In the tutorial you mention the Nieuport 16 by Monty CZ, but I only find the christian59's mod for this airplane. Is this one? Thanks again

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