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  1. nop, i don`t use X, i save and then close...........by this time, i'm seeing the weapons again, by moving the weaponsdata file from the weapons folder to the main objects folder......................but i'm only seeing the older ones, the weapons or tanks i'm trying to add doesn't appear on the weapon loadout screen
  2. Yeahm i did that to. Actually i was able to open the editor while on the desktop, end did save the ini file, the problem is that there's no weapon at all in the game after that......................
  3. Yeah i already dit that.............................however i'm not so sure if i have the weaponeditor 08..................downloading to see what happen
  4. Yeah i move both. Actually when i use a backup copy of the Weaponsdata.dat it shows the weapons except the new ones. When i use the saved weaponsdata.dat file is when all the weapons desappear. And regarding SF2, i'm already working on it. But i don't want to stop flying in the meantime. I know those new weapons and tanks won't stop me doing so, but you know, i like the sims to be the most realistic they could. Sorry about my english
  5. OK, here's another thing, i'm able to save it outside of the WOE folder and add it manually, but now all the aircraft show no weapon in the loading screen
  6. Thanks another problem came up, weapon editor opens, i'm able to open the weapondata.ini file, but i'm unable to save it. Is giving me a message that says " Unable to create C:\Wings Over Europe\Objects\Weapons\WEAPONDATA.INI FOR Writing" What could be the reason?. What should i do
  7. it worked in the desktop, thanks a lot!!!!!!
  8. Thanks guys let me try your suggestions, sorry about the wrong category posting
  9. Hi, everybody, I'm new to SF series, i like it a lot, but starting to get frustrated because i can't add weapons. I know about the link that tells you how to do it, but my problem is that my weapon editor doesn't want to open. I guessing it have something to do with the fact that i'm using windows vista. My question is: Is there any weapon editor compatible with vista? If so, where i can download it? If not, is there any way to add weapons without the weapon editor? Is that actually my problem? Thanks in advance. By the way i'm currently flying with SFP1 and sorry if my english skills are not good enough

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