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  1. Take off and Landing sounds

    I have turned the FM down a notch which at least allows me to use the plane. BTW Ive downloaded every mod I can find. I found a few new sounds here but still no rolling sound. The problem I am having is its hard to tell when I am getting shot. I think there is only one sound played when you get hit and it sounds like stress. I am getting no other feedback, sparks,other sounds,visible damage. So one second Im flying, the next I am dead. This game has alot of promise. Thanks for the replies.
  2. Take off and Landing sounds

    Thanks for the detailed reply. It would add so much to have a rattle and sqeak rolling and a big "thud" when you touch down. So much time and effort spent on immersion and there are only a handful of generic sounds. Ive been flying Eagles for a few hours and have a problem. I cannot get the Camel throttle to increase. Per the readme With the FM on hard, you have to "blip" the throttle. I assume the throttle is all or nothing. However, no matter what key I define to "blip", nothing happens. I can have zero throttle,50 or full power and hit blip and nothing. Am I missing something here with the blip?
  3. Taking off and landing have always been 2 of the best parts of flying . I owned WOV and just bought FE and its expansion. The sounds overall are pretty bad but those for take off and landings are non existant. Missing are those rattles and squeaks while rolling and other appropriate sounds on touchdown. This would add ALOT to the overall experience. I have alot of experince changing and making customs sounds for FS9 and FSX but WOV and FE have me confused. The sound folder I assume holds all the sounds for all the models. However, if I change one, say TireTouch, nothing happens. The sim does not play it. But I changed the flaps in WOV, and it worked. Also is there a "roll" sound when you are rolling? What is it and can it be changed. Bottom Line- Any help getting some decent sounds during the take off and landing phase would be greatly appreciated. Jim

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