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  1. I get into a plane and fly it and the cockpits black, then i got outside it and only the planes black. Please help
  2. YS Flight Simulator 2000 THIS IS AMAZING: Create Air Combat and Fight in planes for WW2 right upto PLane Just Release. A Huge MOD Community giving Detailed planes and online play avalible. Visit the Website, Download for Free and Start Playing and Visit This Website for one of the biggest English Based Modding Community SU-27's Blue Angels Thunderbirds Many Screenshots
  3. WHoo i got LOMAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... but it downt work :*( i got it installed it with Direct X 9.0.b like it asked and its really laaggy and the cockpits black so i cnt c sh*t! please help me sumbody
  4. i have alredy bought a joystick but What ones do you guys have (pics plz) heres a template if u need it ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Joystick: Picture: Bought For: Linnk (Optional): ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Joystick: Trust GM 2500 Picture: Bought For:£13.99 (Free Delivery) Link:Link to Play page GM 2500
  5. kool looks like its worth the money, i oredered it and it should arrive on thursday or Friday Britishtime i also bought a Joystick so its kk i didnt buy Flaming Cliffs though
  6. Hi, Im New to the forum and have just Order LOMAC off Play.com. Do you think its wor the money i paid for it?

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