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  1. Fleet Defender Gold (Win. CD Version) and XP?

    Caesar, I've got mine set at 25,000 cycles now. It seems that over 25,000 the sound starts to skip (albeit slightly). I set up my X52 (buttons, etc.) last night: works fine. It amazes me how immersive this sim is after all these years! Regards, J. P. Kelly ____________________
  2. Fleet Defender Gold (Win. CD Version) and XP?

    Caesar, 'Got my X52 working (i.e., Throttle) last night. Using DOSBox 0.73: 1. Go to Edit Configuration 2. Under joystick edit the following to read: joysticktype=fcs timed=false autofire=false swap34=true buttonwrap=true 3. Save this 'new' configuration. 4. Open DOSBox, then access Fleet Defender. 5. Go to 'Difficulty' and select 'joystick' then FCS w/WCS Analog. 6. Calibrate. Note, ensure prior to calibration your throttle is (all the way) in the forward position (AB) detent. 7. Fly! The throttle work fine and does not require recalibration even if you raise the cycles. I'm working that area now to fine tune the frame rate. Regards, J. P. Kelly
  3. Fleet Defender Gold (Win. CD Version) and XP?

    Caesar, Finally figured out that I was not 'mounting' the drive' correctly! Got it up and running. Where you ever able to figure out how to 'map' the throttle (I have a Saitek X52)? Again, I really appreciate your help on this - (thanks for taking the time!) Regards, J. P. Kelly
  4. Fleet Defender Gold (Win. CD Version) and XP?

    Caesar, Thanks! Regards, J. P. Kelly
  5. Fleet Defender Gold (Win. CD Version) and XP?

    Caesar, Followed the DOSBOX tutorial and your directions (I Think!) and when I get to: D:\install (enter) I get the following error message: "This program must be installed under Windows." ? Regards, J. P. Kelly
  6. Fleet Defender Gold (Win. CD Version) and XP?

    Caesar, I have the CD (Gold) version and I downloaded DOSBox today. Thanks very much for the info - I hope it's less complicated than it reads! (LOL) Regards, J. P. Kelly
  7. While researching books on the F-14 on Amazon I came across a review of Microprose's Fleet Defender. One reviewer stated he was able to run the sim on XP. Has anyone here done that and what would I need to do, etc.? Thanks in advance for any assistance! Regards, J. P. Kelly
  8. MigBuster, I removed everything, ran CCleaner, re-installed WOV last night (up to Patch 2) and it's working fine! All I have to do now is add all the mods and patch to current standard. Thanks again for your help! Regards, J. P. Kelly
  9. MigBuster, That was 'me' over at 3W; thanks for the response - I will do as you advise. I can't 'date' when the problem happened. I was flying in WOV (A-6) for the past several months and had not flown WOE during that time although prior to it was working correctly. I purchased/installed SF2 VN in the same root dir. as FE - I had no idea at the time re 'merged installs'. When I noticed the problem with the Radar/RWR texture in WOV I checked WOE on a whim - and there it was - same problem. Again, I appreciate your help. Regards, J. P. Kelly
  10. Problem: All aircraft with Radar and RWR have that (RWR) Texture superimposed where Radar Texture should be in all 3W Sims. Example: F-4B has Radar Texture in correct location in cockpit. F-4E has RWR Texture in place of Radar Texture and RWR Texture in upper right hand corner. All aircraft with RWR instrument in cockpit (instrument itself) shows colored lines instead of correct texture. So, no working radar in any aircraft that also has an RWR. All Settings (for all Sims): Normal. All Sims patched to current standard. All Sims are ‘clean’ – no mods. installed. All Drivers/Direct X up to date. System OS: Win. XP SP2. Pent. 4 CPU 2.80 GHz, 896 MB of RAM. 1024 MB of DDR SDRAM. Two Hard Drives: C and D. C has OS and 40 GB of Memory. D has all sims and 64 GB of Memory. ‘Swap File’/Virtual Memory: set at 3072 MB for both drives. Hardware acceleration set at ‘Full’. Video: ATI Radeon IGP 345M with 128 MB Ram. Display: Digital Flat Panel 1024 x 768 @ 60 Htz. Background: first noticed this approx. 1 week ago in WOV. Then checked all 3W sims (SF2 Vietnam and WOE) – all have this problem. Uninstalled (incl. Registry) and then Reinstalled all sims – problem still exists. Have not had this problem before – that is prior to, all 3W sims had functioning radar, etc. Device Manager does not show any conflicts. No other Sims have this problem. Folder Structure (not sure if this matters - ?) for D Drive: Program Files / Thirdwire / First Eagles / SF2 Vietnam / Program Files / Wings Over Europe / Program Files / Wings Over Vietnam Install History: First Eagles then Wings Over Europe, then SF2 Vietnam and finally Wings Over Vietnam. Any assistance will be appreciated! Regards, J. P. Kelly
  11. MigBuster, The F-4B (the one which has the correct screen setup) is the stockversion that comes with SF2 Vietnam - no mods made to sim or anyaircraft. The later versions (i.e., F-E onwards - again all stock - no mods.) all have the RWR texture wherethe radar should be along with the RWR in the upper right hand corner. All settings are set on Normal. This really has me stumped! Regards, J. P. Kelly
  12. Downloaded and installed SF2 Vietnam several days ago: clean install, no mods of any type. Spent time flying the F-4B - no problems. When I switched to the later models, E, J, etc. the radar screen was replaced with the RWR screen as was the screen at the upper right? Uninstalled (incl. registry) and reinstalled - same problem - No Joy! Anyone else ever see this? Any and all assistance will be appreciated. System Pent 4 2.80 Ghz Processor, 320 GB SATA Hard Drive, 1024 GB DDR Ram, ATI Radeon 345 Vid. Card. OS: Win XP SP2 Controls: Saitek X52 and Pedals. Regards, J. P. Kelly
  13. Anyone know if someone has designed / made this mission available ? Any assistance will be appreciated ? Regards, J. P. Kelly _________________________________________________________________
  14. WOV patched to current standard. Whether I attempt to use the default or map the key to my Saitek - nothing - no response when I try to deselect the current target. Deselecting the "current radar target" (keyboard or Saitek) works fine as do all other keyboard and or mapped controls. Any assistance will be appreciated! Regards, J. P. Kelly

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