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  1. Oh, bye the way,if anyone is up for a internet game of WOI i have a decent connection ,I would be keen to give it a go. C u
  2. Im new to Wings over Israel,picked it up this week. And firstly i must say,I was impressed from the outset with this game. I have played alot of flight sims,and am a big flight fan,I found that this game was easy to jump in and go for it.The graphics are supperb for a reasonably small install size,and everything just works,no crashes or lag. I was wondering if someone could suggest the best way to go about getting a few new planes and maybe some terrain (this is not to say that the standard planes and terrain are not good,there very good). I have had a look at a few other mod forums,i was a little confused tho at another site because they seemed to be talking about another game that had a similar name and developer as WOI. Anyway I'll have a look around here and see what i can find. Later

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