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  1. A question about carrier operations in JT

    Thanks for the update flying_squirrel! I also agree that JT should have the native language for the country that is flying the aircraft and subtitles in enlish/spanish depending on whether a person is using a english or spanish version of the sim. redrooster
  2. Hi, I have some questions about what carrier operations will be like in Jet Thunder. 1. I don't now if either the Argentineans or the British had a Landing Signal Officer or used a light system for guiding planes in for landing, but whatever they used, will Jet Thunder recreate the landing aids for carriers that were used during the conflict? 2. Will the ARA 25 de Mayo have catapult launches? If so, how will they be implemented? Does the player taxi up to a set position at the catapult on the deck and automatically get launched, or will the player taxi up to the catapult and manually acitvate it as well as setting the catapult speed? Also, when landing with the arresting wire, will the wire be visible and will we be able to see the plane snag it and watch it extend? 3. I saw some pictures awhile back in another of the ARA 25 de Mayo in her current state of rendition in JT. At the time it was mentioned that the model was a low res version, has it been upgraded. Also, are there any pictures of the the HMS Hermes or HMS Invincible in JT yet? Thanks for your reply! I'm really looking forward to this sim, redrooster

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