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  1. FW-190 pilots wanted If you are interested in flying the FW-190 and would like to be part of a squad that combines the tactics and teamwork needed to employ the Focke-Wulf, 7/JG77 may be the squad for you. We are looking for two additional adult pilots with a passion for the sim. 7/JG77 pilots fly the full range of Luftwaffe aircraft and the squad even has a dedicated bomber group but the FW-190 is the preferred fighter. We are based in the United States and Canada and welcome any pilots who can fly during the evening hours for those time zones. We fly on Thursday nights starting at 9:00pm EST. Settings are typically maximum with padlock, limited icons, and speedbar (GPS optional). Our general attitude is informal but we are very serious when the fight starts. Team tactics are the number one emphasis. Training will be available after official missions. Please note that membership in 7/JG77 is open to any pilot who is also a member of any other squad. For more information, please contact co.7Jg77@gmail.com.

    Thanks for your response. Sorry I didn't check the front page. A squsd mate of mine wanted to download the A-1H so I thought I would inquire for him. I have the file so I will try to upload to him. Again thanks for your response.
  3. It appears that the download section is down. Will it be down long? I have tried to access for the last couple of days but have been unable. Thanks.

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