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  1. Thank You. Let me know here or at SIMHQ (5555) when the SP5 update is completed and any further details regarding the edit or gathering of the support files.
  2. This did attract me very much. The downside to the download selection were these words: "This campaign really only works with the SP4 patches, unfortunately. There are too many issues with some of the add-on aircraft and weapons with the newest patch" That comment and the additional hunt for other files in the dowload section, which has a limited access of about three downloads per day, does not facilitate an easy installment. Have you considered combining your LINEBACKERIII with the other addons to make it comprehensive? That was a feature that attracted me to 1984. Lastly, apart from my laziness, I did run into conflicts with CFS3 expansions that required outside additions. Either they did not or no longer existed or they were incompatible with my CFS3 revision or collided with some other file. I had this with scenery and AI aircraft files.
  3. In time and since yesterday's frustrations, I found my Bold Games Wings Over Vietnam (Not SF2V). I wrote over the existing dysfunctional setup. For reasons only to be explained that this is another day, the program launched. All CombatACE and ThirdWire updates were applied in sequence, followed by a MORE selective and careful installation of a collection of addons. 1984 was added last, up to its Menu folder modification which was believe the Monday culprit. The program launched and there was no apparent conflict with any of the recent patch updates. I finally reinstalled the 1984 Menu folder variant. Again, there were no problems apparent other than a first time launch leadtime. My mouse has returned, the menus are accessible, and the CNN picture of Reagan with "Highway to the Dangerzone" playing on the main splash screen. As stated elsewhere, this expansion is worthy, assuming no fumbles like mine. Its addition makes for a fine companion to the host program, specifically the new SF2 Vietnam download.
  4. Some time ago, I downloaded Vietnam 1984 into Strike Eagles Vietnam. It is a all inclusive expansion in detail and content. Nice introduction with Ronald Regan and "Highway to Danger Zone". While I installed this expansion without problem, it does not function without problems, major ones. This may be a question of out-of-phase upgrades. But I trust that someone knows better than I. WHEN LAUNCHED, THE MAIN SPLASH SCREEN APPEARS, THE MUSIC PLAYS, BUT THE MENU TABS ARE INACCESSIBLE AND MOUSE CURSOR IS LOST. THE ONLY KEYBOARD COMMAND THAT FUNCTIONS IS ALT-ESC. CORRECTIVE IDEAS WELCOME.

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