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  1. Terrain DATA

    I am running it on my desktop. I just cant figure out where the DATA file is going after I extract it...even tried both leaving the extraction message there while I searched for it and even searched for it after the extraction message was displayed and I clicked ok on the message. Can't wait untill the Vista version comes out, any idea when that will be? Thanks for the help!
  2. Terrain DATA

    Yes, that's correct, that's what I meant, but where does it go when I extract it so that I can mod it? Thanks
  3. Terrain DATA

    I know this has been discussed over but it's a little confusing. I'm running FE on Vista, runs great except for when I Esc to end the mission and it throws me out to my desktop, not saving my campaign progress. Works fine if I use flanders terrain mission. From what I understand is to modify the terrain/wwiverdun/cat Data file to read [NormalTextureMaterial] UseEffectShader=FALSE (which I did for the Flanders_DATA file to work). I downloaded the cat extraction tool and accessed the cat file in terrain verdun folder and when I tried to extract the DATA file it said it extracted it to the same folder (which is correct for what I read) but where did it go? I cant find it so that I can modify it in notepad. All help is appreciated.

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