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  1. That fixed it! Thank you so much for finding the value! I've never seen that one before so I had no idea it even existed. Yeah it probably couldn't take that kind of speed, but if it were reinforced and flew high enough maybe it could? If it were flying above 25000 meters and had enough thrust I'm sure it could go beyond 2.8 mach, the Mig 25 could do 3.2. Hey just wanted to double check with you in the aircraft.ini under flight data, there is a mach limiter. If you adjust that and you have enough thrust you should be able to go faster. Doesn't matter what the shape of an aircraft is its like a car if there is enough power/thrust pushing it along you will keep accelerating. This is a game so the stress on the chassis won't be taken into account.
  2. Well see, reaching mach 2.8 isn't my issue, the plane actually performs well beyond mach 2.8, once you remove the limiter. I want to keep it semi realistic, so right now I have put a cap on mach 4.1. Beyond that I believe the engines will catch fire and the plane will explode due to too much heat. As long as the plane has enough thrust I believe it will be able to keep accelerating. That isn't the issue. The issue is regardless of what the dry thrust is set to, it will NOT accelerate beyond 0.97 mach, without afterburner, I can set the dry thrust to 1 million in each engine, and it wont go any faster than mach 0.97 without the afterburners. There has to be some value that can be changed, if there isn't well, I guess we can close the book right here.
  3. Thank you for the help snailman, unfortunately I have no skills in the phsics department, and I never understood all those values. This is from the mig 31m fuselage. CD0MachTableNumData=8 CD0MachTableDeltaX=0.40 CD0MachTableStartX=0.00 CD0MachTableData=1.274,1.000,0.826,2.241,2.497,2.315,1.996,1.996 Of course there are more values on the other parts, but I figured I would start with this. I'll be honest I still dont really understand what the values in the machtabledata mean, and what each one signifies, and what changing the first value from say, 1.274 to 1.5 would do. If you wanted to make the mig 31 do mach 2 without afterburner, what would you change? I notice the values are lower on this one, CLA. CLaMachTableNumData=7 CLaMachTableDeltaX=0.40 CLaMachTableStartX=0.00 CLaMachTableData=1.000,1.000,1.000,0.623,0.792,0.914,1.002 What is the difference between these two values?
  4. So in my wings over israel game I have used for awhile I have the Mig 31M mod which is my favorite plane. I have modified it to allow it to super cruise at very high speed. Its got insane dry thrust, 170000 per engine, and at 15000 meters could do 1.98 mach at 69% throttle, just shy of the afterburner. However I recently upgraded to Strike Fighters 2, i have put the exact same ini file in the proper folder for this airplane, yet, cannot go beyond 0.97 mach without afterburner. Its rather hilarious that with 170000 dry per engine max, it can only manage 0.97 mach. Yet once the afterburners go to full 225000 each, it will pull past mach 4. What statistic is causing my plane to stop accelerating at .97 without afterburners? It can manage .97 mach at only 35% thrust. But if I increase it to say, 65%, it still doesnt go any faster regardless of altitude, the afterburners need to be engaged for it to go faster. It has to be a difference with the 2 games, since the plane ini files are identical. Thanks.
  5. Can I mod it in exactly the same way as Wings over x? Can weapons be modded the same way can I go into the the ini and add 50 internal guns and then set them all to 100mm tank rounds that fire at 10000rpm? Im just giving examples of crazy that I can make happen in wings over israel if I mod it. Can basically do anything I could want, if I can do that in SF2 as well, I might give it a try, Wings over Israel is all i know tho so it would need to be similar.
  6. Hey guys, I used to be quite good at modding here, and still am. Most of the stuff I knew before is coming back to me, however one thing that isn't is exactly how to correctly install a weapons pack, and then use said weapons. I know this is an older game and I am sure a lot of you have better things to do. However if someone could run me through a detailed, step by step process on how exactly to get the weapons in the weapons editor to work, that would be great. Here is all I remember. I remember that in the weapondata.ini, the written file, there was something you needed to change in order to get the game to recognize them or something. I believe it was the number at the top, making sure they are numbered correctly etc. However after installing the mirage factory weapons pack, I did notice that all the weapons listed in the weapondata.ini were already numbered, however the weapons still did not show up in game. I tryed to make the R40 missiles for the mig 31 show up in game, and no dice, no matter what I did, I modified its weapons pylons to hold any weapon, of any weight, and still they would not show up, I made sure the weapon was of the correct time frame, etc, I know how to make that stuff work, it just isn't for w/e reason. What step am I forgetting to do, or is this a issue with Windows 7. I am running the april 2008 patched version of the game. I also have 2 other issues. One is, the weapon editor and gun editor do not work. The other, is that after I hit ESC to end the mission, the game crashes to desktop every time. I have no idea what is causing the CTD, but a few strange things did happen with the editor. Interestingly enough, the weapon editor, when placed on my desktop, works fine, NOT in compatibility mode. If I place it into compatibility mode, it opens but none of its options work, it has to be run in normal mode to work properly. Also interesting is that if I take said editor and put it into the weapons folder or the main Wings over Israel directory, it ceases working, regardless of compatibility mode or not. Could this weird issue be what is causing the weapons to not work? I realize that is a lot to answer but if any of you awesome guys on here could be of any help, I sure would appreciate it. Also, worth noting is that I have read the "guide" in the how to section on weapons and that doesn't really help me, I need it more in depth, thanks.
  7. Thanks Geary, could you point me to the direction of a zipped weapon editor? or do I just need to create it myself?
  8. Also game seems to CTD everytime I end a mission.
  9. Wow, been a very long time since I posted here.Before I stopped playing this game I could do tons of things, just about anything I wanted to any plane/weapon to make it do what I wanted. I miss that and I decided to come back and install wings over israel for another go. However I have encountered a problem, and I am unsure if I encountered this before or not, so I figured I would ask here. I have downloaded the mirage weapon pack right out of the gate, after I installed the latest patch of the game. I am well aware of the compatibility issues the weapons editor has, so I changed it to windows 95 or 98 like normal. Sure enough, the weapons editor opened just like it should. However, when I go and press OPEN on the weapons editor, to open the weapon.ini file, it doesn't do anything. The weapon editor stays open, but none of the options it has do anything, there is simply no response. Its been at least 4 years since I played this game so its very possible I forgot some special step in the formula to make this work. Does anyone have/had this issue and get it worked out? Thanks for the help gents.
  10. So I check this site every once in awhile, I am off and on with wings over israel. I just checked and well, it doesnt seem anyone has released a Sukhoi T 50 yet... At least not that I can see. The T50 marks the first russian stealth fighter jet, its pretty big event for them, I see other new planes being released, but I am wondering why nobody has tried to mod this into the game, I think it would make a wonderful addition, I would love to fly it, and can you imagine it as an adversary! Anyways, let me know.
  11. Just wanna say thanks to those that helped! I seem to have solved that issue! Great to get past a barrier and make the plane and the game a little more enjoyable for me. Thanks alot guys!
  12. Well. That was a failure, no higher top speed, and I can turn in a circle at sea level at mach 1.6 without losing speed, its a very small circle....
  13. Much harder than I thought... I have already increased the thrust by a large amount. And increased its ceiling. The only thing I messed with so far is CDL in the flight part, I made it all pretty much zero. Right now at 19k meters it tops out at 2.23. Gonna see if the CDL did anything.

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