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  1. KMD works fine for me now after learning to double clicking the object you want to place or edit and then clicking on the map........right click on the map to bring up waypoint editor . dont forget to VALIDATE your waypoints before Saving All ! hope this helps.
  2. Ive just installed SF2V All in one mod by MALIBU43 , the graphics and textures are superb! Ill wait for NF5 and ODS mods before i wipe WOX !
  3. thank you Avi8tor ! That is what I was looking for !
  4. hi im new to modding but not simming.Ive wanted to do a WW2 install for ages but dont know how !Could somone help and maybe list the files needed with basic instructions. Ive used the COMBAT ACE search facility but i keep going round in circles. BTW this is a great site ! Thanks
  5. hi, im not an experienced modder,but what ifound was one of nf updates install paths was different to the others,ie it went to C:/programs/THIRDWIRE/WOE, not where my WOE folder was ! it caused huge problems. I uninstalled the lot ,reinstalled WOE putting it in thirdwire folder,patched,and apply NF1-4. ps iturned horizon setting down to FAR,every thing else on maximum and that stopped the CTD issue. now it runs great ! hope this helps

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