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  1. On DiRT for PC is it possible to make the deadzone bigger so i dont respawn as soon as i go off the track,because i go for a horrific crash but i respawn before it happens can i fix that?
  2. Help serious il2 problem!

    I maxed out and its still doing it.
  3. On my il2 whenever i get hit with flak its like an archer shot at me huge arrows stick into my plane and speech bubbles say things. I did not download any mods.
  4. sorry

    sorry accedently posted it twice.
  5. decals

    I am getting a 1:48 scale f-16c for christmas and it will be my first airbrushed model.But with all my previous models i cannot get the decals to look like the paint work,how do i do this?
  6. fs2004 HUD

    In fs2004 my HUD and gauges in jets dont run very smooth like they should,is that my computer speed,or a setting?
  7. all aircaft arcade

    I am just about to sign up for AAA and you have to fax it or mail it to somewhere to your account work,where do you fax it to?
  8. il2 areobatics

    Is there an arobatic mod for il2 giving planes extra manouvirlbility and new maps? PS:sorry about the spelling dont know how to spell that word,thanks Spitfire Ace
  9. taniya spray work

    I am a begginer with an airbrush and i might be getting a tamiya spray work basic compressor with the airbush that looks more like a gun ,the cheaper one.So i need to know if it is any good if i get it.
  10. Just finnished

    ill give you pics of more than just my tiger moth,ill give you pics of :p-51 fw190 spit mk1 b-17 UH-1C and an offroad buggy and truck. the pics arnt very good though bit blury
  11. Just finnished

    I just finnished a cute little 1:72 tiger moth.painting it today.
  12. team speak

    i recently downloaded team speak and have no idea how to work it, need help
  13. b-17

    you know the old classic B-17 the mighty 8th? I read somwhere shockwave has permision to make a new one is this true if it is,is it going ahead?
  14. cfs3 firepower

    I have been thinking about buying cfs3 for a while now,if i was to get it would anyone recommend buying firepower to,because it looks pretty good and can it match il2 1946.
  15. il-2 VC

    Can you somehow make cockpits in il2 1946 clickable?

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