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  1. I play flaming cliffs on vista and I was using Locfg to change my graphics sharpness, and I changed the daytime textures sharpness to 8000/25000 instead of 10000/40000 and it screwed up my game, it wouldn't even start, so I had to reinstall. Anybody else have that happened? And what's the cause of that? Thanks
  2. Hello everyone, new here to the forum. I have Lock on flaming cliffs on Vista and Modman 6.3, it works for installing sound mods and terrain mods. But when I want to install a skin, it just doesn't work. I'm new to this, but I read a tutorial on how to do it, to use CDDS studios and put them in the World folder and then type it in in graphics.cfg. I tried it, as the instructions said but no luck. What can I do to make this work? Olaus

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