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  1. How will JT compare to Falcon 4?

    Hi ! This is my first post in this forum. I've been playing flightsims since the 1980's, my first "filghtsim" was the F-19 Stealth Fighter on the C64 ! Now I'm mostly playing Falcon 4 (FF3) and think it's really the best game available now, I bought LoMac and did play it for a short time before going back to F4. The reason ? It was the missions, I really like the random feel to the campaigns in F4. So I hope that any new sims will have a dynamic campaign engine, or at least give the impression of random missions......... So, will I buy Jet Tunder ? OOOHHH YES !!!! I've bought just about every sim I could get my hands on, and don't really care if it's "better than F4". As long as it's fun and "feels" right I'm happy ! (I've only bought one sim that I regreted buying and it was several years ago")

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