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  1. Problem solved! I had to create a "terrains" folder in the "Mod" folder. Now it works.... Thanks to everybody!!! blue_plasma
  2. Ups? :) I thought I had to put the files in the terrain folder of the installation...
  3. Hi! After a long time of F4 BMS I wanted to have some flight time in SF2V with the "Green Hell" which looks so damn nice!!! :) So I bought SF2 this week (Version: Jul2013). I tried to extract the vietnam.cat, but no tool (even the thirdwire one) doesn't work at all :( Can anybody give me a hint what to do? Thanks in advance!!!! blue_plasma
  4. Just wondering if there's a IFF-Function in SF/WOV/WOE? And why is the TWS in those games so simple? At least with the modern jets it should be possible to get more information about radar contacts... Any opinions?
  5. Hi, I found this in the web.... http://www.vstol.org/GermanVSTOLFighters.pdf Could be an inspiration for all who like to make planes. What if... scenarios... Greets blue_plasma

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