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  1. InstantAction: Ace of Aces

    Just wanted to update everyone letting you know that the game is now open for everyone to play. We are looking forward to any feedback you can provide to improve the game. The Aces forums can be found here: http://forum.beta.instantaction.com/smf/in...board,73.0.html Also, if anyone is interested in the exclusive Aces avatars, just let me know and I'll hook you up. Thanks!
  2. InstantAction: Ace of Aces

    Unfortunately this went up before the code was compatible with the promo code page. The other option is to create another account and use that to check out the beta, then switch to your primary account next week when the game goes public. Just make sure you enter "wwivet" on the registration page. Then confirm your account. Sorry this is such a pain in the ass, I tested it earlier this week and things looked fine.
  3. InstantAction: Ace of Aces

    You'll need to make sure you are confirming your registration before the game will show up in the game picker window.
  4. InstantAction: Ace of Aces

    I screwed up. You'll need to use "wwivet" all lowercase in order to get immediate access. Sorry about that. Any chance a mod can edit my original post to reflect the lowercase promotion code?
  5. InstantAction: Ace of Aces

    Personally I agree. I enjoy having options of all sorts when playing. However, since this game is considered "Live Development" the developers have the option to add or take away elements of the game. Feel free to let them know on our forums as they are all active in the Aces section and are wanting to hear feedback from WWI fans.
  6. Hello Everyone. We are pleased to announce the release of a private beta; Ace of Aces. Developed and headed by Damon Slye, the original developer of Dynamix' Red Baron and Aces of the Pacific, as well as many other titles, Ace of Aces is a World War I dogfighting game from Mad Otter Studios and will be available exclusively on InstantAction.com. Since you guys are all fans of this genre we wanted to offer you access to the private beta as we'd value your feedback during this sneak preview period. Simply use "wwivet" as the Promotional Code upon registration to gain access. This code will also unlock a custom avatar pack themed for Ace of Aces and will distinguish testers from your community. Registration and the Ace of Aces private beta are free, of course. A message from Damon: "Ace of Aces is a flight game designed to be fun and easy to play. We captured all the exciting moments from the WWI dogfights, but left out the tedious stuff. You aren't required to start your plane on the runway, take off, and follow navigation points to your mission. Instead, you start in the air, facing the enemy and jump straight into the fray. We believe that we've built a game that is exciting and easy to play, but still captures the essence of WWI dogfighting." More information on the game can be found here: http://blog.instantaction.com/aceofaces.html The Ace of Aces private beta forum can be found here: http://forum.beta.instantaction.com/smf/in...board,73.0.html The registration page for InstantAction can be found here remember to use the promo code "WWIVET" to gain immediate access: http://www.instantaction.com/account/register If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with me via jamesw AT garagegames DOT com. We and the development team look forward to seeing you in the air and hearing your invaluable feedback!

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