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  1. Hi, I've applied the last patches (sp051506a and sp052506), and each time I try to fly the 4th mission of Linebacker I in VF-96, my F-4 just explodes at the surface of the water before having a chance at flying it from the deck... just no carrier below me!!! mission starts in the water... Does anyones has the same problem??? I've made 45 missions in Rolling Thunder, in F-8, before installing the last patches, and it worked perfectly... I wonder why it doesn't work anymore...
  2. Search for Wings over Vietnam

    Thanks... Do you have any idea about when Wov would be officialy available in Europe???
  3. Hi there!! I'm looking for WoV to buy in Europe, but I can't find any store with that title over there. Did anybody bought it in Europe, and if so, from who?? Thanks...

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