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  1. yes, the last cable 300 K Wov i'm running win XP Pro with SP1 in a AMD Duron 1.10 Ghz, 256 Ram, 32 Mb video integrated. And don't have FW activate, Mcafee Virus scan home. Anyway, the second problem is the less important. In the multiplayers session, hangar screen, can't change anything. The arrow can be move, but when click in the option to change it, nothin happen. to exit must finish the process ctrl+alt+supr. this happen online ( with HL i'm the host or client) and offline (LAN i'm tyhe host) Actually i'm flyinga campain, and this work fine. Thanx for the answer Octopus
  2. Hi, it's a unussual problem, when join or host a multiplayer sesion, can't click any option, can't chose plane, date, or exit. the mouse can move in the scree, but don't click anything. the other game type, are fine. however the post http://forum.biohazcentral.com/index.php?showtopic=7303 i have the same problem too, but the patch 1 are instal. Thanx, i don't have any idea... Octopus

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