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  1. Absolutely:) Really trying hard to learn to play this series...having fun, but a lot of questions:)
  2. On my last mission, I was ordered to attack a ship. I did so with a combo of Rockeyes and guns. During the mission, it looked like I sunk the ship and I saw the blasts after my Rockeyes hit. I also received a message saying my mission was completed. I head home and land. I then look at the stats screen and it shows me dropping 6 Rockeyes and shooting a number of rounds from the gun. However, under the hit column, it shows I scored zero hits with either weapon, but under the rockeye section, shows I had one kill. How can I kill something without hitting it? Or is it possibly because my weapon exploded close enough to the target without actually hitting it? None of my wingman fired a weapon so it was not them who destroyed it. Thoughts?
  3. This is great to know guys, I just must have not gotten far enough to get into the thick of things yet....back to flying:)
  4. Well, I guess to be fair, I certainly haven't played a lot of the campaigns yet, mostly instant action and custom missions. Maybe that is my biggest problem, I should be playing the campaigns instead. I was just trying to learn things better before I took that step.
  5. I took a look and from what I can tell, I don't have invulernable set on according to the options. Kind of funny since I first posted, in my next mission I did get shot down by a Mig:) Still, it seems like my success rate is a bit high, but maybe I have just been lucky so far.
  6. Well, after trying WOV it really hooked me because I was actually able to fly an aircraft fairly good, without having to be an actual pilot:) So I actually immediately purchased WOE and WOI. The only thing I'm curious about is the difficulty of the enemy. I have flown quite a bit of missions in WOV and WOI but haven't even come close to failing yet. I'm playing on the hard setting for enemy. I basically fly straight for the target and usually destroy it. I have yet to be shot down by a SAM or other enemy aircraft without really using any kind of tactics. I wish I was that good, but I don't think it has anything to do with my skill level since I'm a newbie at best. Is it really always this easy or am I missing something?
  7. I will give that a try...but looking for some help. I can't really figure out how to target things. I also find it hard to see the target on the ground....any suggestions?
  8. How do you download the earlier patches? When I go to ThirdWire, only let's me download the latest patch.
  9. Ended up finding WOV yesterday in a local store so decided to try that first. So far so good, but trying to learn at this point. I do like how it feels controlling the aircraft, doesn't seem like a struggle like other games. If all goes well, I'll be purchasing the other two shortly:)
  10. Just curious, is there an ETA on when the first release (beyond Strike Fighters) for Vista versions will happen)? If it is not expected for another 6+ months then probably makes sense for me to try one of these out. But if they plan on coming out in the next few weeks then probably should wait. You also now have me very curious about the Israel version:)
  11. I'm looking to make my first purchase in this series and looking for advice as to which one to start with. I'm leaning towards Vietnam since I never had a game that covered that era. Here are some things to consider: - I prefer more missions related to air-to-ground attacks - I already own LOMAC (just mentioning since similar aircraft in Europe version) - I prefer real life countries but if fictional was well done, maybe not an issue - I have Vista but not sure that is a major decision maker for me. I have seen many people get all these games work just fine. So let's hear what you have to say and thanks for your help.
  12. Thanks for the info...any chance there is a demo out there? I would like to try it and also confirm it will run on my Vista system before considering purchasing. Looks like a very interesting game.

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