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  1. How are you celebrating tonight?

    Lots Of Fireworks, Then BEER
  2. Trackir Tracking Headset

    I just got this, but I can find the activation code, can anyone help?
  3. Hey, me and my friend are having fun fighting and all but the missions get boring always the same onse, is there any add on multiplayer missions?
  4. Hey thanks alot, too bad not in multilayer, is there any more multilayer sessions with Yankee Air Pirate?
  5. Is there any addons that will enable that?
  6. Can you use the carrier in multilayer?
  7. so you have to find it using your radar, you cant start a mission by taking off of it?
  8. Just when ever, do you have to finish a mission to land on the carrier?
  9. How do I find the carrier?, I've seen many screen shots of it but never can find it.

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