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  1. Campaign Weather

    Gepard, Thanks for the advice, I'll try it.
  2. Campaign Weather

    While playing "Operation Michael" (Cambrai terrain) I noticed that, in the Sping months I was always flying in Overcast weather. I decided to make the following changes in the ini settings in the Cambrai terrain folder: In the "weather Chance" & Season2 (spring months) I set scattered chance and broken chance to 50%. I set overcast & inclement chance to 0%. However, when I went back to the Campaign, I still got Overcast weather?? How often is the weather calculated during a Campaign...Once per season, per week, per day?? Maybe I'm making a mistake in the way I'm assuming the weather is calculated. I'd appreciate any comments / suggestions.
  3. CTD

    Tailspin, Thanks for the suggestion. After re-installing, the only Mod I installed was the tracer/smoke effects. So far, there have been no CTDs (Hope I didn't jinx myself!).
  4. CTD

    I just purchased First Eagles Gold yesterday (Nov 2008 patch). Has anyone experienced the following:After hitting the ESC key during a mission the screen goes blank. The only thing you can see is the mouse cursor, which disappears when you move it around. CRTL-ALT-DELETE doesn't work. I have to power my computer off via the computer's on/off button. This has happened in Instant Action, Campaign, and "Create Mission". I did download & install some mods (mostly skins). After posting this problem on the Third Wire forum last night (No response yet) I decided to re-install the game WITHOUT any mods. So far I've played about 8 missions without any problem. Could I have installed the mods incorrectly??

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