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  2. Greetings gents. I'm interested in trying to make aircraft for Strike Fighters. I notice 3d Max is the application of choice, but is it possible to create models for the game using Gmax? If so, How would I go about prepping a model for the sim? Thanks in advance.
  3. Then again, if you defrag before patching, it can do wonders.
  4. P1 I think. It says on the box "Fully updated Edition," which I assume is why the patches didn't take. I don't have the Vector Expansion enabled so I don't think that's causing problems. TIR works ok with IL2/FB/AEP/PF, so I'm not sure its hardware related.
  5. Just got a copy of P1SF, and I think I've been missing something. :) In my defence for not buying it earlier, I've never seen it in the shops in Britain before, But I digress; I also own a trackIR3 pro, which, according to menu options, supports P1, but when I try to use it I get no response. Can you tell me how I go about enabling it, or should I be asking at TrackIR's site? Thanks in advance. :)

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