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  1. Opening canopy, new FM, New engine, new weapons, new default skin... It is a whole new plane in his own slot. Available at IL2-Fusion. http://mod-fr.thinking-board.com/mod/
  2. French Curtiss H75-A2 available at IL2-FUsion as new slot plane. http://mod-fr.thinking-board.com/mod/index.php Have to register, but free ;) Enjoy.
  3. Your datas are not corresponding to test of real plane, just calculation not obtained in Real plane in war condition... Changing speed is not enough, far of that....... Fm is actually Walt Disney AI FM, totally out of range and ridiculous........ So, reworking engine and FM.... H75A2 allready flyable, soon available, Mohawk IV later and MS 406.C1 later too.
  4. French Curtiss H75-A2, engine SC3G, 6x browning FN 7.5, available soon, perhaps mohawk IV later.
  5. Now, allready released new IAR80/81 and Fw190 A2 and A3 as new planes... Probably 2 or 3 fw more and after, i surely redo MS406 and H75 A2 as new planes... stay tuned.... All my mods available at http://mod-fr.thinking-board.com/mod/ 'have to register but it is free.. They are other modding sites all around ;) Cheers, Josse
  6. So, perhaps is it an issue with clip distance or other game restriction, but 3dModel of the Gotha is different inside and outside the pit.... Pilot seems to be in center of plane in internal view...... and right external wall dont appear ?...... Probably a limitation of the game engine ? is it a possibility to be fixed , by a patche or new model ?
  7. Arggghhhhhhh Ok, thanks mate ;) it were a good thing to limit angle as for SU17 built in laser designator.... i dont want a snipper XR or ATLIS II, just a limited sight...... perhaps next patche ?
  8. Please, what is the code to restrict angles for the camera ? example, i would restrict 12 deg each side, 6 deg top and 30 bottom ?no more like in real life for my personnal project Thanks in advance.... (dont want 360 view for my project ;)
  9. File Name: DO335-what-if-skinpack File Submitter: UF_Josse File Submitted: 20 Feb 2006 File Updated: 8 Jul 2006 File Category: DO335 Skins A pack of 4 fictionnal skin for the Do-335, based on existing fighters such Me109 or Fw190D. One of JG300, one of of JG53, one of II SG10 and one of JV44. Click here to download this file
  10. Hi all ;) SO, for my current project, i would modify the radar sweep line, to obtain something like arrow 1 (real picture of a real radar), instead the ingame model. And is it a way to code ini to change this line ? Thanks
  11. DO335-what-if-skinpack



    A pack of 4 fictionnal skin for the Do-335, based on existing fighters such Me109 or Fw190D. One of JG300, one of of JG53, one of II SG10 and one of JV44.

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