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  1. New British terrain models

    Two new warehouse models for the collection
  2. New Dutch Models

    The next one for the collection, a Dutch Water Tower in Wolfheze.
  3. New Dutch Models

    Tonight's building, a Dutch Shed in Borkelen Schaft
  4. New Dutch Models

  5. New British terrain models

    English Tithe Barn, for the collection.
  6. I recently found a set of Dutch buildings, which were designed for use with a GHQ table top tank simulation. These are the first two conversions for EAW. Warehouse in Nijmegan Gambrel Roofed Brick Building in Wolfheze
  7. New French models

    Two new French models posted for release. A Butchers Shop And a Bakers Shop Many thanks to Réseau Saint Michel for making these textures available.
  8. New British terrain models

    Hi Stratos. I made another small change to the control tower model, so now you have a choice of RAF and USAAF versions. :)
  9. A new version of the trusty control tower is nearly finished, and there will be three different versions. ;)
  10. New French models

    Another French house. This ones the Wine Maker.
  11. Hi Blackbird. EAW is still pushing the bounderies every day. Ever since we were giving the source code for the game, only our limited coding skills have held us back, but even so we have fixed stacks of issues with the game and updated the graphics to 24bit BMP 512x512, the results of which are shown in the post above. :)
  12. New French models

    Tonight's French model is a small cheese makers house. :)
  13. New French models

    Another French farm house has been sent for posting. ;)
  14. New Steam Locomotive

    Maybe someone could tell me if railways feature in any other flight sims, other than Rowan's BOB?
  15. New Steam Locomotive

    Just goes to show what you can do with an old flight sim. ;) You don't need millions of memory hungry, processor draining, nodes and thousands of elements to make something look good. :D

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