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  1. Sorry, I'm a Noob. My computer is a compaq CQ60-615DX, windows 7 64 bit. Specs are on the low side and graphic card sucks I play all my games in low setting. The problem is only with Wings over europe 2. In wings over vietnam the grounds to be fine.
  2. Hey guys I just purchased SF over Europe 2, from thirdwire. But when I downloaded and started it up. When I am flying the mission, the background is messed up, its choppy, and at times when looking at the ground my airplane disappears. The sky is fine. Not sure why it is doing this. My SFV 2 works fine but now that I have combined it with SFE 2 it is also messed up. If anyone could help please! Thanks.
  3. Newbie Seeking help!

    Ok so uninstalled and reinstalled the game onto my desktop. Still it is not working with the update pack. What do I do now?
  4. Hey guys So I just purchased Wings Over Vietnam SF 2. I am not sure why but I cant get it to patch (I tired to install all the various patches listed on thirdwire) and I am not sure how to install new campaigns or airplanes. I am attempting to install the Air and Ground War Expansion v1.0. I copied the files (after extracting them) into the folders...and still nothing. What am I doing wrong? PLEASE HELP!
  5. hey guys I have a new computer for Xmas, and I installed WOE. I then attempted to install Nato fighters. But for some reason no matter what I do nothing seems to work. I mean that nato fighters wont come up, it wont show as in installed nor will any airplane i attempt to install. I tired installing on the C directoy program files, but there are 2 types of program files one is "program files" and the other one is "program files (x84)". Nothing works, I installed on both. Can anyone help me.
  6. Ok first off let me just say I am a newbie to the world of pc gaming. All I wanted to do was pay my WoE and tried to upgrade it to WoE IV so I could fly against some Mig 29s. This has led to my current issue. I installed the WoE Nato fighters I, II, III, IV, The issue at that time was that the weapons would not show. I was not able to figure out how to resolve the issue. So un-installed WoE. Then i attempted to do a clean install. From that moment on, when i run the game it would crash. Then i attempted to finish that issue by installing the oct30 patch. Which caused the game to run but no weapons show. And every time i press escape from the mission im on, the game crashes and ends up in windows. (I should mention no matter how many times i uninstall the game and reinstall it, the same thing happens) ALL i want to do is fly some fighters and shoot some migs! Can anyone please help me with some easy to follow instructions. Thanks
  7. Hey guys I want to first say that i am a newbie to the game. I followed the instructions to install Nato fighters 1, 2, 3, and 4. I downloaded the oct patch, then installed 1,2,3,and 4 of the nato fighters series. The problem is that while all the planes work and i can fly them. No weapons appear at all. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hey guys Ok so i purchased WOE and i loved it. I decided to download the Nato expansions to my computer. However i am newbie to these kinda things. The expansion is great, gives me so many extra planes and campaigns. But the problem is that now the weapons loadout doesnt work. The only thing my planes come with us guns. Can someone help me out? What do i need to do? Thanks in advance.

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