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  1. Thanks for the help guys! I'm motivated to try and skin a few aircraft based on GI Joe RAH vehicles... Slickbomb
  2. I've been playing SF1 and SF 2 since 2007, but am finally getting into (or want to get into) skinning. How do I start? Do most of you "skinners/modders" have base aircraft templates you use for Photoshop? I've tried to take existing skins I've downloaded to "test" and tried to re-color them. That doesn't work well, and I think it's because I don't have all the layers to manipulate in Photoshop. Example...I recolored an F-18E and I got it to change color but it looked dumb because you couldn't see any of the lines from the panels on the aircraft. Can someone point me to a tutorial or a starting point or place where I can get aircraft templates (if that is what most of you use)? Thanks in advance! V/R Slickbomb
  3. I've been playing and installing mods/skins for couple years and now wanted to try out making skins. I'm getting pretty good with Photoshop, and am interested in making skins based on 80's GI Joe planes. How do I get started making skins? I tried modifying existing skins...but it doesn't work well (as you know) when I don't have all the layers. Are there templates of various aircraft with multiple layers to work on through Photoshop? Any advice and/or help would be greatly appreciated! V/R Mark Mejia
  4. Hello all.... Let me preface this by saying I'm new to SFP1 and have been having a ball adding on aircraft, weapons and the like from this site. It's my new past time here in Iraq, since I can't play DoD or BF2 online for 6 months. HAHAHAHA... I have two questions/problems that I'm asking for advice or where to find it...if it's been addressed before. First, Since adding numerous skins, aircraft, missions, and campaigns (missions and campaigns are still causing some troubles though)...I have recently found that in campaigns (that still work for me) and single player missions all enemy AI will not fire their weapons. They will engage me and my flight(s)....but will not fire their guns. Second, None of the AI enemy MiGs/SU's carry A2A weapons either. Nor can I load any A2A or A2G weapons when I choose to fly any kind of Mig or SU fighter/attack. I can fire the guns in the MiGs/SU's I fly, but no othe ord. Since I can fire the guns, is that weird that the AI won't fire when in ACM? I have the latest weapons pack installed and still can't figure this out. I'm not sure if I was over zeleous in configuring .INIs when adding all the stuff I've added or what!!! I was sure that the weapons' pack came with NATO and Warsaw Pact weapons. Was I wrong? The enemy AI not firing their guns (since they don't have missiles) is the biggest pain for me right now.... If anyone has answers or "where to go" for them it would be appreciated! The game's become boring since I can't get killed in a dogfight. BTW, the AI enemy ground units are not having the problem. They continue to hammer the **** out of me on bombing runs.... V/R Slickbomb

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