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  1. Thank you very much! That´s all I wanted to know. I extracted the missiondata.cat with CatPack. So I got a missiondata-folder. I had no idea what to do with that folder after changing the singlemission.ini. So I put the missiondata folder and a copy of the ini into flight folder. And I also tried to find out how to make a new missiondata.cat out of this missiondata folder. That was the third option on my mind. That is why I have so many funny pathways. Because I am a noob. A beginner. Absolutely! Please be patient! I try my very best.
  2. Yes! I tried to go that way. But: In the thread is written: "..open the FlightData.Cat, and extract the SingleMission.ini. " Well! First Problem: I did not find any SingleMission.ini in the FlightData.Cat. But I found one in missiondata.cat I changed that SingleMission.ini Now, where exactly must I put this modified singlemission.ini to? I did not know where to put it. So I put it there: WoV\Flight\missiondata\singlemission.ini and there: WoV\Flight\singlemission.ini It did not have any effect. So I found the the aircraft_data.inis of all NVAF planes in the ObjectData.cat, copied those into the plane folders and changed the ServiceEndYears to 2020. Success!
  3. I found the the aircraft_data.ini of all AI planes in the ObjectData.cat. I changed dates and put the data.inis into the specific aircraft-folders. Now the Ai aircrafts appear at any date.
  4. No! Where can I download modern enemy aircrafts? I found the aircraft_data.ini of the Mig 29. I changed the dates there. Great! This realy solved my problem. Now I can fly that plane in 1970 against the enemy. Thank you very much!
  5. Well! I´m running Wings Over Vietnam. My problem is, when I fly modern planes, there are no enemy fighters in single missions. So I need to change the start- and end-dates. I already changed the dates in the options.ini. But it seems I also need to change the singlemission.ini I found in the missiondata.cat after extracting with CatPack.exe. Now I have the following folders WoV\options.ini ( modified ) WoV\Flight\missiondata.cat ( original ) WoV\Flight\missiondata ( extracted folder with the modified singlemission.ini ) The content of the modified singlemission.ini: [Years] PeriodStart=1920 PeriodEnd=2020 MaxServiceLife=5 [TargetValues] MinStrikeTargetValue=100 HeavyStrikeValue=1000 NormalStrikeValue=200
  6. Okay! Sorry for the missunderstanding! Wrench wrote, I should extract the FlightDate.cat. But: I found a singlemission.ini in the missiondata.cat. I extracted the whole missiondata.cat and got a new folder. There I changed the dates in the singlemission.ini like Wrench said. Now, what must I do with the new singlemission.ini or the whole folder? Must I make a new missiondata.cat out of it? And if yes, how?
  7. Little Game: "Find the SingleMission.ini" Screenshot: http://i101.photobucket.com/albums/m47/Bri.../Screenshot.jpg
  8. Wrench wrote: "Sound like the "Beginning and End of Time"* hasn't been changed.... http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showtopic=27492 " Dear Fubar! Please click that link and read carefully! Then your question will be answered. Now! Is there a more helpful person, who has an idea why my FlightData.Cat contains no SingleMission.ini? Did I extract the wrong one? I found it in the "Flight" Folder.
  9. "..open the FlightData.Cat, and extract the SingleMission.ini" My FlightData.Cat contains no SingleMission.ini.

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