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  1. WW1 dig

    Hasse Wind The only qualifications I needed were a willingness to put in 5 days hard labour and a relative who fought in WW1. Knowing someone on the inside helped too. The dig is run by a couple of MOD historians. The area that is being worked on is where Australians fought and last years dig recovered one Digger and a range of artifacts. I don't know if he's been identified yet but at least he now has a formal grave in a cemetry. Kerry
  2. WW1 dig

    I haven't posted since OFF changed sites. I've been too busy setting up a website about my uncle's wartime career with Bomber Command. I've just been invited to participate in a dig at the WW1 battle site at Ploegsteert in Belgium in August. So I'm now organising another trip to the UK. I haven't been to any of the battle sites in Europe before only to Gallipoli back in 1980. I'm looking forward to the experience of helping to uncover 90 year old history. After studying maps of the area there are a lot of familiar battle sites in the area to visit if I get any time off. I'll give a report on the trip when I get back. Kerry

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