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  1. im' going to do a LOT of research before start it, thanks to a full scale terrain, i assume that it's going to use more hardware than BF3 on maximum.
  2. Guys, i'm really looking foward to start something. My idea is something like this: First of all, Total imersion: -A dynamic campaign, where you choose between possible missions which may vary on where your carrier/fleet is at, and what type of Aircraft you've choosen. -After choosing your mission, you start as the Pilot in the briefing room, and walk with your RIO (if you choose a dual seat aircraft) to your aircraft. In the way pilot and Rio will comment something about the mission type. -I want this game to be totally focused on a man, inside a machine, not only about the machine like other sims. So i need to think in a way that Pilot, Rio, Wingman etc interact between each other with a dynamic conversation, the pilot pushing buttons, putting the helmet and doing everything on the cockpit with his hands, not only a mouse pointer. -This game need to be a sim, but yet acessible. Everything faithfull as possible, so new player can count on a option, that show what they need to do on the cockpit, something like a circle around the button, i don't know yet. The Pilot or Rio will call the checklist before take-off. You can change between then whenever you want. -It's going to be open to comunity for modding I need more ideas.
  3. I would recommend you to use the F-22 or a modified version of the F-35 cockpit, since this is a last generation fighter.

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