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  1. By the Way how do i make my own Models of the weapons. What do you use when you create the AIM-54 for eksample?? Ps: I got it to work! Fubar.
  2. here is the weapon. The i want to make is: [WeaponData624] TypeName=RDS-5 FullName=RDS-5 80 KT Bomb ModelName=Rds-4 Mass=1000.000000 Diameter=0.760000 Length=2.960000 AttachmentType=WP,SOVIET NationName=SOVJET StartYear=0 EndYear=0 Availability=0 BaseQuantity=1 Exported=FALSE ExportStartYear=0 ExportAvailability=0 WeaponDataType=0 RailLaunched=FALSE Retarded=FALSE Streamlined=FALSE FinStabilized=FALSE SpinStabilized=FALSE EffectClassName=NuclearBombEffect WarheadType=14 Explosives=80000.000000 FusingDistance=500.000000 ClusterBomblets=0 ClusterDispersion=0.000000 GuidanceType=0 Accuracy=0.000000 MaxTurnRate=0.000000 MaxLaunchG=0.000000 LaunchReliability=0.000000 ArmingTime=0.000000 SeekerFOV=0.000000 SeekerTrackRate=0.000000 SeekerRange=0.000000 ReleaseAnimationID=-1 It is only a Fantasy Weapon. The airplanes is the Tu-22 or the tu-16A,C,G
  3. Is there someone who can fix my problem? My problem is that when I have made a weapon using the weapon editor the weapon is`nt on the list and it would be very nice if that would work. My Game is Strike Fighters Project 1 By the way does it needs a Weapon model or can I use an already used Model.

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