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  1. Many thanks, I should've thought to look in the control folder. I appreciate the help.
  2. Nothing wrong with using a game pad at all! Glad there is such a great community here. If you guys are using the xbox 360 controler natively for COI, are your yaw controls not reversed? Meaning when you hit right rudder pedal it causes the plane to yaw to the left. I can't find a way to reverse the axis.
  3. Before I'm jettisoned out of the forums for not using a flight stick ... lemme ask this question real quick like, and maybe I'll catch an answer before ... First I just want to say that finding WOx was a godsend. I've been looking for the perfect sim type flight game, for me, in vain for a while now. And I do plan on getting a good joystick in the future, but for now all I have is the xbox 360 controller and a momo steering wheel. Between the two ... which would you choose [rhetorical]? Between WOx and the modded EECH, I'm in flight sim heaven. WOx being just the right type of sim for fixed wing, afaimc, and EECH realistic enough as a heli sim, since I intend to go to chopper school in the future. So I am waiting to spring for something good with peddals that is more catered to choppers. This is why I'm defending using the 360 controller. My question, since WOI supports the 360 controller fully, is if someone here would know how to switch the yaw axis for the rudder, which I have mapped to the triggers atm. I've scanned the forums and the web, but I've failed to find any information on the subject. I would assume that what would be required is a line or two in the options.ini ... but I'm not familiar enough yet with the guts of this game to simply guess. If anyone has an idea, I would appreciate it. And so would all the other closet 360 using simmers out there. In Peace Bedouin

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