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  1. Snowy Isle of Wight

    Well, I'm in Adelaide, Australia, and our forecast for the next four days looks like this (temperatures in celsius): Friday Dry. Sunny. Min 23 Max 39 Saturday Dry. Sunny. Min 24 Max 41 Sunday Dry. Sunny. Min 23 Max 41 Monday Dry. High cloud increasing. Min 26 Max 41 I'd kill for some of the weather you are having.
  2. Finding it hard to die

    Thanks for your reply, Olham - I always find your posts helpful! Has the death rate really been turned down that much? Now that you mention it, I do remember dying a lot more a few patches ago. However, it does seem pretty unrealistic to lose control at 5000ft and live to tell the tale. It seems like there really isn't that much difference between the "dead is dead" setting and the "dice roll on death" setting. I'd really prefer to know when I died and to know when I lived, and for a sim that prides itself on realism it seems a shame that I am able to routinely survive situations which I am sure would have meant certain death for the pilots in WW1. Thanks again for your reply - and PM sent! Edit : Thanks for the other replies as well. Hasse, I can tell you what would happen if I came to meet your boys - you would shoot me down in flames, I'd crash, and then I'd be told to prepare for the next mission. It doesn't happen everytime, but I would say it happens 9 times out of 10.
  3. Hello! I've been flying OFF for a couple of months now, and really love the game. However, a problem which completely ruins the immersion for me keeps coming up. During a mission, I'll crash or suffer so much damage that the mission ends, but I fail to die. I have the realism set at 120%, with the dead is dead option enabled. However, the missions keep ending after a crash which would surely kill me, yet all I see is the message that another mission has been logged. Just now, flying a Nieuport 17 in 1917, I collided with an Alb DII and lost my entire left wing. I went into an uncontrollable spin, the mission ended automatically before I crashed, and then I was told that another mission had been logged. I have tried reinstalling the game several times, but the problem keeps recurring. Is there a setting I'm missing? Thanks for your help!

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