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  1. The Error box for Microsoft doesn't appear. I've installed most of the modern planes, and weapons, I've followed the instructions. And yes, the stock planes load fine.
  2. Here's the message that I'm getting: The instruction at "0x01e06988" referenced memory at "0x00000000" the memory could not be "read" ok to terminate cancel to debug the program It's on third party add ons, but now all of them. I have DirectX 9.0c, and even installed it again just to make sure. But still the same thing.
  3. When I install certain planes, then try to load a mission, it will get to about 80%, then give me a debug error, and close the game. I have WOV, and didn't have any problems like this. I have the 8.30.6 patch installed. PLEASE HELP!!!!

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